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BestReSource is an english language wiki about everything that exist, and can be edited by anyone.

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History[edit source]

2013[edit source]

  • September 3, 2013 - wiki was created

Rules[edit source]

On our wiki we have rules that everyone have to follow. You can find them here.

Partnership[edit source]

We really glad to work with other wikis, but we don't have any partners for now. More you can find here.

Requests[edit source]

If you want to be an admin, a rollback or chat moderator, you can write a request to another admins, but firstly you better read this.

Topics[edit source]

Our wiki articles are divided by different colors.

Topic Color HEX RGB Note Joined on
1fa100 31/161/0 It's not a first topic, it's default topic as all of other topics have connection to it. September 3, 2013
1cd85e 28/216/94 It's first topic. September 4, 2013